Send us some love and support! <3 DT

Hello Love, Hello Sunflowah*,

with your donation you are supporting my art and giving me the possibility for a better production, Team and co.

The whole working process behind  1 single song , a video, a live show, a tour, a promotion and co. costs pretty much and it is not easy for me  to cover yet.

I aim to give each soul getting in touch with me and my art an unique transcendencial experience that would not only touch your body , mind and soul but also leaves some inspirational marks that can maybe change your life! Only if you  can feel me of course 😉

Doing art is my high calling, my remedy my everything, that one thing that gives me life! and I was made to do that. discover, express and connect!

Your donation  also shows that you are believing and feeling my vision and spirit and if you did not experience me live yet, then it is time to book my next show <3

Your support and love means sooo much to me!!!

Thank you for believing in me and being part of the DT Tribe

I love you

Donia Touglo <3

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